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Tiger Woods

In Loving Memory

It is with deep sorrow and a very broken heart that I need to inform you that Tiger Woods has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Though it has been several weeks now, this is no easier to write so I will write this to him.

Dear Tiger... there will never be another like you. Every day I walk into the barn and look at your stall... the first one I see and you are not in it.... 

You deserved stall number one as you always impressed everyone who walked in the barn with your quality, beauty and presence! You have always been so stoic and tough on the outside but everyone who truly got to know you understood how gentle and sweet you were. It didn't matter if you were winning World Championships, carrying kids in their first Dressage lessons or being the "big man " in the breeding shed. You did it all with class and have taught me so much....
You will always be in my heart and I could never thank you enough. 
I love and miss you more than I can express.

- Krylesa Deja Holden

Chubasco X Night Dancer

·        2 X World Champion Tiger Woods -
             PtHA Tiger Woods of OVF #126827
·        Registered: American Saddlebred Horse Association #098688
·        Double Registered Pinto - Pinto #126827
·        ASGN – American Saddlebred Grand National Nominated
·        Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated
·        Black & White Tobiano Stallion
·        Honors & PtHA Awards

Eldorado's Gold Chain

Jezabelle’s Modern Rex X Sunshine Cookie

2 X Reserve World Champion El Dorado Gold Chain
·        Registered: ASHA #099523
·        Double Registered Pinto #102764
·        Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated
·        Buckskin & White Homozygous Tobiano Stallion
·        16.1 hands
·        Stud Fee $1000 - booking included
·        Live color foal guarantee

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